Healthy breakfast!

To have a healthy “diet” is important. Not that you should go on a diet where you limit your eating options, and not so much of a “diet” either really. Eating healthy should be a habit and not work. And most of all, DO NOT eat healthy for everybody else, eat healthy for you and your health.

Around Christmastime it isn´t easy to stay healthy. And personally I think it is good to keep up with the traditions, such as eating Christmas dinner and the cakes and the pudding, chocolate, candy, etc. I think it is a part of the celebration. However it is important to not overdo it and forget to take care of yourself. Sooo…. what I like to do is to have a healthy breakfast. Porridge with berries and a cup of tea is my favorite. So put your kettle on and make yourself a cup while you prep your food.


  • Oats, 50 gram
  • Milk (whatever milk you prefer, oatly have some good ones), 1,5 dl

When it comes to fruits you pick your favorites.

  • 1 banana
  • Rasberries
  • Blueberries

First heat your non-stick pot over a medium heat, poor the oats and the milk into the pot and stir. Let it cook to it´s thick (it depends on how thick you want it, but do not let it cook for too long and all the fluid is gone, because it will be too sticky and kind of dry when you eat it). You don´t have to stir all the time, so be productive and cut up and prep your fruits.

When you are happy with the porridge, poor it into a bowl and top it of with the fruits and you´re done.

Easy and tasty!

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