Early new year´s resolution

Merry Christmas!

This month has gone past so fast. I hope everybody is ready for Christmas celebration and spending time with family and friends.

It is not only Christmas that is on my mind for the moment…. and it is strange, because I LOVE Christmas. It is my favorite holiday! But recently has the thought of it soon being the year 2018. Omg! Incredible! Anyway, we all have our “new year´s resolutions”, but before February they are already forgotten. Soooo, I started earlier “this” year. I knew I wanted to change some things in my life, silly, but important for me. Like my hair and style, appearance really. So this week I booked an appointment with my hairdresser, and cut and highlighted A LOT of my hair. And I mean a lot, it was literarily a wig on the floor. I feel so fresh and last week I got on ASOS and ordered some new cloths that I always have wanted to wear, but haven´t. I don´t even know why. I´ll bet I am not alone about this and other also by some kind of reason just don´t have that style they wish they had. But why? Why do we go around just dreaming about and picture ourself having this life, when we really got the opportunity to chase our dreams.

Anyway, I suggest if you have set your new year´s resolutions start with them now! Don´t wait until the next year has begun, start the new year with already pursuing the goals.

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