December is here!

December is here! It is time to lit the candles, put your Christmas pajamas on and sit in front of the fireplace. Personally I actually enjoy starting this early… to be totally honest, I started in November. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. The joy and happiness is all around you and the month is so special. This December, particular, is really special to me! It’s snowing outside, and that is special because I grew up with snow in the winter time. And my one wish this year is snow on Christmas Eve… cliché I know, but it is not really Christmas without snow.

But I know it can be difficult to be festive when it is cold and dark, so… you can:

  • Have a little pamper-evening to yourself and lit a Christmas-candles.
  • Drink a hot drink; hot chocolate, tea, and if you are Norwegian you can drink gløgg (a Norwegian Christmas drink.
  • Watch a Christmas movie.
  • If you decorate for advent, I would do that.